FAQ about our Workforce Mobility Solutions

The key questions asked by pro-Forms®customers

pro-Forms® is a subscription based solution for creating and deploying custom data collection forms for completion on either mobile devices or in web browsers. The system also provides powerful data analysis and reporting tools to help businesses manage information from field based staff and others working away from their office location.

Virtually any kind of data collection form can be created by companies and organisations of any size and working in any industry - from small local teams through to large international corporations. Our customers vary from owner managed private companies to large international corporations through to the world of education and not for profit.

Examples of types of forms our customers create include :

  • company specific job & service sheets
  • timesheets, expenses, holiday requests
  • proof of delivery
  • vehicle maintenance
  • surveys, inspections & QA
  • installation, commisioning & maintenance
  • customer/ client/ parent review and feedback

Forms can be built using drag and drop from a comprehensive list of available components & field types and can include skip logic, calculations and visibility conditions. pro-Forms® Mobile forms fields can also be pre-populated from data files and sets associated with a form.

There are two versions of pro-Forms® on offer : 'Mobile' and 'Web'.

pro-Forms® Mobile enables the scheduling and dispatch of jobs to workers in the field and the completion of required forms using our app which can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store. The real power of pro-Forms® Mobile comes from being able to part populate a form on a field workers mobile device with data held in a back office system (e.g. Sage, ERP systems and practically any business system). Data collected in the field via a form can also be sent directly back to one or more office systems to save administration time.

pro-Forms® Web is aimed at companies and organisations that need to collect data from larger numbers of people using forms available in web browsers accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. These forms are accessed and completed by clicking/ tapping on a shortened browser URL and do not require the person completing them to have a pro-Forms® account and the app like those from pro-Forms® Mobile.

Staff creating forms (both 'Mobile' and 'Web' forms), raising & dispatching Tasks & Jobs and managing user accounts will need an Internet browser (Chrome or IE).

Field staff needing to receive Tasks & Jobs and submit forms will require the pro-Forms® app downloaded from Google Play, Apple App Store or the Windows Store on a mobile device with a mobile data network enabled SIM. We usually recommend the mobile device to have a rear facing camera, WiFi and network data connectivity, and a waterproof case & screen protector.

pro-Forms® Web forms do not require our app and arrive at a user in the form of a shortened browser link which when clicked/ tapped opens the form in virtually any browser type on the device.


Using our Pay As You Go option you are only committed to a 30 day rolling License. You can reduce the number of Licenses you wish to pay for or stop using the solution altogether by giving 30 days written notice.

Companies committing to one of our Enterprise (Mobile or Web) License options do so for either 12 or 24 months.

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All data is encrypted using AES-128 technology before being transmitted over the air to the pro-Forms® servers. Data is then only decrypted when transferred by one of the predetermined trigger processes (e.g. email or FTP).

We do offer as standard Secure FTP as a trigger process to transfer data securely to a location specified by our customers.


We have integrated pro-Forms® with a large variety of business systems and databases from standard products such as Sage 50 and MS Dynamics through to bespoke databases and specialist solutions such as fleet management and health care solutions software. If integration with an existing system is vital to your business why not contact us to discuss it ?

YES with pro-Forms® Mobile PLUS and ENTERPRISE editions.

One of pro-Forms® strengths is the ability to raise Tasks and Jobs and push them out to field workers.

There are different options available to you to suit how your appointments and team works e.g. attend on appointment date, job to be completed by a latest date etc.

Using our custom fields feature Tasks and Jobs of virtually any nature and for any industry can be raised and issued to field staff.

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