Frequently Asked Questions

pro-Forms® & Field Service Management

Virtually any kind of form can be created using pro-Forms® by companies and organisations of any size and working in any industry. No form building experience or knowledge is required to use the system. Our customers vary from owner managed private companies, large international corporations through to the world of education and not for profit organisations.

Examples of the industries covered by our customers include :

  • Forklift truck service & maintenance
  • Air conditioning & building services
  • Commercial roadsweeping
  • Construction / building
  • Environmental / building services
  • Agricultural engineers
  • Machinery & industrial manufacturers
  • Health & Safety Consultants
  • Fire & Security
  • Pest control & environmental
  • Educational Diocese
  • GP Doctors' surgeries/ Primary healthcare

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There are 4 Plans available : Mobile forms, Online forms, WORK MANAGER and ENTERPRISE MANAGER.

WORK MANAGER is a comprehensive job & field worker management solution. Read more

ENTERPRISE MANAGER offers enhanced job & asset management which includes everyting available in the WORK MANAGER Plan plus asset management, workflow automation and a customer portal. Read more

Office staff creating forms, raising & dispatching Jobs and managing user accounts will need an Internet browser and an Internet connection.

Field staff receiving Jobs and submitting forms will require the pro-Forms® app downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store a mobile device with a mobile data network enabled SIM. We usually recommend the mobile device to have a rear facing camera, WiFi and network data connectivity, and a waterproof case & screen protector.
The pro-Forms® app can be downloaded from this page


Our Terms & Conditions commit you only to a 30 day rolling License. You can add to or reduce the number of Licenses you need to pay for every 30 days. We bill for Licenses around the 19th day of each month.

We invoice as standard but customers can pay by either bank transfer or credit card.

To cancel a subscription altogether we just require 30 days written notice. Read our Terms & Conditions

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The system has been built and supported in the UK since 2006 by a West Midlands based development team.

Hosting is by UKFast in Manchester and the system is GDPR compliant with all data residing in the UK at all times.


We have a group of excellent integrations built in to the system and available as standard to all users, these include :-

  • Zapier
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • Sharepoint
  • Power BI
  • Sage50 - optional extra

Data can also be sent by FTP and SFTP to remote locations in XML or JSON formats. We have built numerous APIs to customer systems so if integration with an existing system is vital to your business why not contact us to discuss it ?

We have a connector to Sage 50 Accounts to move customers, stock and SOPs to pro-Forms® from Sage and for completed job information to be passed back to Sage for invoicing. This is a priced extra service.

Custom Mobile forms Plan

Virtually any kind of form can be created using pro-Forms® by companies and organisations of any size and working in any industry. Our customers vary from owner managed private companies to large international corporations through to the world of education and not for profit.

Examples of forms our customers create include :

  • company specific job & service sheets
  • risk assessments
  • timesheets, expenses, holiday requests
  • proof of delivery - PoD
  • vehicle maintenance
  • surveys, inspections & QA
  • installation, commissioning & maintenance
  • customer/ client/ parent review and feedback

Forms are built using drag and drop from a comprehensive list of available components & field types and can include skip logic, calculations and visibility conditions. pro-Forms® Mobile forms fields can also be pre-populated from data files and sets associated with a form.


No form building experience or knowledge is required to use the system. Everything you need to build and issue forms to field workers is available within your monthly subscription.

The steps for creating a form are :-

1. BUILD - use drag & drop to add questions types to your form. Questions/ fields can be configured with visibility, default answers, calculations, skip logic, formatting e.g. decimal/ integer, mandation, read-only and encryption.

2. LAYOUTS - a layout is how you would like a completed form to look when received by your office or a Customer e.g. with your company branding, logo, address, contact details and accreditations. Our Layouts can be built in MS Word and uploaded to the system. Other layout types can include html emails and csv structured files.

3. SHARING - this options lets you specify where completed forms and their layouts get sent and by what methods. For example, office staff may want a Word layout of a completed form sent to a OneDrive folder whilst the customer may want to receive a PDF copy attached to a branded email. When a new form submission is received by the system sharing options can be triggered to run automatically, run by hand and/ or on one or more conditions being met.

4. CUSTOM REPORTS - adding a Custom Report for a form is not a necessity for the form to be used in the field but is a good means of consolidating individual form data into an Excel compatible file. A Custom Report can be branded, automatically run at pre-set time intervals, sent to one or more people by email and password protected.


Approximately 75% of our smaller customers ask that we build their forms for them as they usually busy running their companies. Typically a form can be built and the layout & custom reports produced for a one-off cost of £40+VAT. Discounts are applied if multiple forms are to be built.

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You can have an unlimited number of different forms and can send & reveive as many as you wish of each during the current 30 day License period.


Form Layouts are built in MS Word as a template using tables, headers and footers. This means virtually anyone who knows Word can build form Layouts. Layouts can include company logos, addresses, contact details and unique consecutive form numbering.

Company branding to match the layout and content of your current forms can be met.

Once a form is submitted from the mobile app the data is sent to the pro-Forms® servers for processing. At this point the data from the form is added to what ever Layouts have been created and added against that form.

Layouts for the form can generated as MS Word, PDF, ODT, txt, RTF, csv, XML, JSON, html.

Layouts in whatever the specified formats are for that form containing the data submitted from the mobile device can then be sent by several methods to people, locations or systems.

A form can have more than one Layout format specified with each one being sent to a different location e.g. a PDF copy sent to the Customer by email, a Word copy to the office placed in OneDrive and a csv file emailed to the office accounts department.

The system is able to send completed Layout formats (PDF, Word csv etc) to people, systems and locations using the following methods : email, FTP, SFTP, OneDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Sharepoint/ Teams, custom API.

These features are available in both the ESSENTIAL and PLUS versions :

  • add photos from gallery or camera
  • annotate all types of photo
  • signatures
  • GPS location stamp and tracking
  • works off-line when in poor & no signal areas
  • previously submitted forms can be retrieved
  • all forms are saved in drafts list before sending
  • optional company splashscreen
  • barcode scanning


If image controls are added to a form it is possible to configure each of them to capture at one of 3 pre-set resolutions. This is useful when the subject nature of some photos requires greater detail/ clarity than others.


When in the form BUILD option you can specify which fields are to be stored in an encypted format. Please bear in mind that any on-screen analysis and reporting within the system cannot display encrypted data for obvious security reasons.

Encrypted fields can be used on both custom Mobile and Online forms.


The current price is £30/ month/ app user. Office/ admin staff are FREE and you can vary your License numbers each month. There is no minimum lock-in period beyond the current 30 days. To see a full list of what the Plan includes please click here

In addition, the Plan also covers :

  • creation of pre-set Job Types & associated mobile forms
  • Visual Job Planner with day, week, period, month & list views
  • Mapping of jobs against field workers
  • Customers, sites, site contact details and site notes
  • Auto generation of recurring jobs
  • Multiple job visits
  • Allocation of jobs to individuals as well as teams
  • Push notification of new jobs or changes to allocated workers
  • Powerful backoffice job searching, colour coding and filters
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Custom fields to create unique job solutions
  • Live mapping of field worker locations
Don't also forget - you only pay per month for the number of field workers using the mobile app. There is NO charge for office staff accessing the Work Group for admin purposes.


The system has been designed for multiple admin staff to access and manage field worker activities. Staff can be given different access permissions to manage different types of work or field workers to prevent accidental duplication or changing of planned jobs e.g. one member of staff could look after 'new installs' work and another 'breakdowns and call-outs'.


Using the visual planner, simply drag an allocated job from one field worker to another to reallocate it. This will automatically remove the job from the mobile device of the original field worker and add it to the device of the newly allocated worker.

There are a couple of ways of know what is going on with jobs and the location of field workers throughout the day.

Firstly, as field workers update the status of each job from their mobile app the Work Group used by office staff will change the status colour of each job and update started and completed times automatically.

Secondly, it is possible to set each the status of each field worker's account to collect and send the GPS location of their activities whilst using the mobile app. This could simply be a snapshot of their location when submitting a form or alternatively a continuous stream of locations showing their travel between locations on a map.


You can add Customers either one at a time or by using a wizard driven bulk import from an Excel file. Each Customer you add can also have muliple sites logged against them. Jobs can be quickly raised and recorded against each Customer location/ site. All sites can have specific contact details and notes saved against them which are passed to field workers when jobs are raised and dispatched.


Thanks to the ability for adding custom fields we are able to ensure each Work Group matches the needs of our Customers. Custom fields can be added to collect and store specific Customer/ site, job or user information. Hopefully this means you will not have to compromise or change your current business processes.