Custom mobile forms for your field workers

Build GDPR compliant custom mobile forms for your field workers

Build & use your own mobile forms in only a few minutes

Want to design your own mobile forms? Or prefer us to do it for you ? Either way, look no futher, you're in the right place.

pro-Forms® offers an easy to use, intuitive drag & drop interface for building customized mobile forms with no programming required. Our cloud-based mobile form building software and mobile app make collecting field data a snap.

So, no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced form builder, if you need customised paperless forms for your field workers on Android or iOS mobile devices, then we have the solution.
Use pro-Forms® on your field workers mobile devices
Smart phone & tablet app
Available for both iOS and Android devices our app can be downloaded directly from the app stores on your device.
Dispatch Jobs & tasks
Plan, schedule & dispatch tasks & jobs direct to field worker devices. Follow job completions live as they happen.
Create any type of form
Thanks to our simple drag & drop designer, forms are quick & logical for field teams to complete so increasing productivity.
Locate & map field teams
Never again have to disurb field workers to ask their whereabouts or job statuses. Simply watch in real-time as the day progresses.
On & off-line data capture
'Store & queue' facility retains data in the app for automatic sending after leaving areas of no and low mobile signal.
Capture signatures & photos
Capture customer & employee signatures as part of form completion along with photos and barcode scanning.
Pre-populate form fields
Save time completing forms & improve accuracy by pre-populating fields using data files e.g. customers & products
Efficient workflows
Save valuable time by automating routine tasks e.g. sending copies of forms to Customers, adding forms to OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, SharePoint or MS Teams.

Reduce workload. Improve efficiency. Cut costs.

So, choose from our Library of pre-built, industry specific mobile forms or build your own to match your current paper-based versions. Here are just some of the mobile forms our customers have built and use :

  • Expenses, timesheets, holiday requests
  • PPE checks
  • Vehicle checks
  • Purchase Orders
  • Risk assessments
  • Accident Reporting
  • Employee Inductions
  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Engineer Service and repair forms
  • Thorough Examination Certificates
  • Thorough Examination Load handling Attachments & Accessories
  • On / Off hire confirmation
  • Maintain compliant fire safety records
  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Dry & Wet Risers Inspection Certificate
  • Sprinkler System Completion Certificate
  • Fire Hydrant Checklist
  • Periodic Inspection and Test
  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Engineer Service and repair forms
  • Domestic gas boiler service (Gas Safe)
  • ACU & Refrigeration Commissioning
  • F-Gas Certificates
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist
  • Inspection schedule for water chillers
  • Quotes & Purchase Orders
  • Plant delivery & collection
  • Tool box talks
  • Staff inductions
  • Permits to Work
  • Method Statement Checklists
  • Project Snagging
  • Site set-up checklists
  • Accidents & incidents
  • Site Inspections
  • Dayworks confirmation
  • VOSA HGV Daily Walkaround check
  • Driver Routing Sheets
  • Warehouse picklists
  • Job schedule & dispatch
  • Barcode scan, inventory & stock management
  • Business & private mileage capture
  • Driver daily drop schedules
  • PSV Driver Daily Walkaround check
  • Construction Site Safety Audits
  • Work Equipment Risk Assessment
  • Display Screen Equipment Survey
  • Employment Advice Record Form
  • Manual Handling Assessment
  • Accidents, incidents & witness reports
  • Accident Frequency Rate (AFR)
  • RIDDOR Reporting
  • Proof of Service Delivery
  • On / Off hire confirmation
  • Service, repair & maintenance
  • Pre-start risk assessments
  • Certificates of Compliance

pro-Forms Mobile app for field workers

Integrate data from submitted forms & automate your workflows

To gain the maximum benefit from your new, paperless field team requires the time spent by admin staff on form management and mobile generated data to be reduced to an absolute minimum. This includes the automated integration of data with other systems & areas of your business to reduce manual data entry and eliminate the introduction of data errors, typos and duplication.

Our suite of standard business connectors and close integration with Office 365 provides everything you need to save unproductive admin staff time and re-focus on issues that really matter.

And of course, as you'd expect, our commitment to you and your data is second to none with full GDPR compliance tools and data encryption built-in as standard along with secure, carbon neutral UK-based server hosting.

Customized mobile forms for your business activities

No matter what the purpose of your customized form - job forms, survey forms or a purchase order, our form creation software makes the building process easy and simple. Building resuable form templates containing form field types including check boxes, drop down fields, radio buttons and calculations as standard means you can respond quickly to the demands of your customers and at the same time streamline your business processes.

We cover every situation from quick, simple paperless forms through to advanced business logic and form field configuration to make the form filling and submission process quick but robust.

Thanks to the simple drag and drop form building interface you can quickly produce form prototypes for your mobile workforce to try in the field with the minimum of effort and expense. When you are are happy that operatives are for the new forms you can simply roll them out and be assured you will never again receive forms with missing signatures, photos, barcode scans and other vital information!

Ready to make the step to full field service management?

Our field service management software provides the full range of tools necessary for you to gain control of your field operatives' activities, deliver efficient business processes and facilitate collaboration between office and remote staff to ensure a first-class customer experience.

From workforce scheduling and job dispatching to real-time operative mapping, we offer you features that will make a real difference to you and your customers and not a whole heap of time sapping options that will improve little and cost you money.

Why not contact us today and try it for yourself?


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