UK hosted Custom Mobile Forms for Field Workers

The UK's leading mobile worker app & form builder - now with AI

Using our Mobile Forms Plan you can build ultra-professional forms of any kind for your business no matter what industry you work in. Whether you need an engineers Service Report, a surveyor's Inspection Report or construction operatives' Toolbox Talk record - no problem.

With a choice of Android or iOS app you can say goodbye to field workers' paperwork for good, along with the admin time chasing missing forms, querying bad handwriting as well retyping, copying and storing paperwork.

Build forms using AI or simple drag & drop interface

Mobile Forms can be created using either our AI interface or traditional drag & drop form builder in just a few minutes by selecting pre-built field/ questions types such as text, signatures, radio buttons, drop down fields, images, dates and times.

Our new AI interface harnesses the power and simplicty of the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to provide a 'Tell it, Build it, Use it' approach to form building. Just tell pro-Forms® the purpose of your new form and anything you need including and let it work the rest out for you.

And with your final form having a range of output format options including PDF, Word, CSV (plus XML and JSON for advance situations) and incorporating your company branding, accreditations, contact details and legal notices, you will have the ultra professional look your business deserves in no time.

Start your journey to paperless field work with our mobile app

Create any type of mobile form

From job sheets to risk assessments and checklists. Create whatever you need.

Capture signatures, photos & GPS

Capture all the evidence you need to get paid & ensure compliance.

Pre-populate form fields

Save field workers time on-site & improve accuracy and form completion rates.


Automatically send your collected form data to other people, systems and locations.

Mobile app works on & offline

Store & queue forms in areas of low and no mobile signal.

Match your existing form layouts

Keep the familiarity of your existing forms but without the unreadable handwriting.

Multiple form output formats

Generate PDF, Word, Excel and text documents and a whole lot more.

Keep incomplete forms as drafts

Have mulitple forms open for editing/ adding information in 'drafts' prior to submitting.

  •  Integration with Zapier, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Power BI, Salesforce & Sage50 and more.
  •  Pre-populate form fields from csv data files.
  •  Capture & annotate images at pre-set resolutions.
  •  Use skip logic and show/ hide fields to create intelligent worklows for field workers.
  •  Define re-usable lists and question sets.
  •  Use mandated and read-only formatted fields to ensure accurate & complete data collection.
  •  Save partially completed forms in 'drafts' list for easy reopening and adding information.
  •  Make forms visible to field workers based on teams, location and job role.
  •  Assign editing rights to office staff for received forms with full audit trail of changes made.
  •  Retrieve to the mobile app previously submitted forms for editing/ updating.
  •  Comprehensive range of form field/ control types for form building.
  •  Wide range of Word/ PDF document formatting capabilities for completed form Layouts e.g. colour coding fields and text based on question answers.
  •  Resend option with audit trail for received/ submitted forms.

A mobile forms app uk companies rely on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Building reusable form templates containing form field types including check boxes, drop down fields, radio buttons and calculations as standard means you can respond quickly to the demands of your customers and at the same time streamline your business processes.

We cover every situation from quick, simple paperless mobile forms through to advanced skip logic, field-level visibility & encryption, calculations and form field configuration to make the form filling and submission process quick, accurate & robust.

Thanks to the simple drag and drop form building interface you can quickly produce form prototypes for your field workers to try in their mobile app with the minimum of effort and expense. When you are are happy that operatives are ready for the new forms you can simply roll them out and be assured you will never again receive forms with missing signatures, photos, barcode scans and other vital information.

Why not try the mobile forms app uk companies trust to send to 1,000s of forms every day, 7 days a week.


Our mobile forms are used everyday in :
  • • Construction/building
  • • Forklift/ materials handling
  • • Waste management
  • • Pest control
  • • Debt collection
  • • Machinery commissioning & servicing
  • • HVAC & environmental service
Why do companies choose pro-Forms® as their mobile form solution?
With 20 years experience of creating mobile form building software we have worked with companies in nearly every industry.

Our Customers trust us to solve their problems and keep their data flowing.

Advice & support.
Unlike others we don't just provide a system, we help & advise to maximise the benefit you gain.

Peace of mind.
UK hosted, developed and supported with full GDPR compliance.

With probably the most complete set of features available we continually look to innovate & lead the field.

Check out our Google Reviews and see for yourself.