Build and publish custom online forms

Get more responses & better analysis with paperless online forms for browsers

Easily collect data from large numbers of people

Publish your form on your website or send it to your contacts via a unique URL. Make it private or public and limit your responses, it’s entirely up to you! As long as there’s an Internet connection and browser anyone can complete your forms.

Simple for users giving increased return rates

It’s so easy to fill out and send an online form, you’ll quickly see a higher return on submissions. There’s no printing or posting making this method convenient and accessible to everyone.

Automate admin processes to reduce workload

With online browser forms, your data is automatically submitted and collated giving you more time to do the things that really matter. You’ll even be notified when someone has submitted your form.


Stunning, real-time data visualisation with Microsoft Power BI

Want to access your data on visual dashboards?

Great news! You can easily connect your pro-Forms® form data to your Microsoft Power BI account and get real-time, easy to interpret charts & graphs.

Customise your graphs and charts and pro-Forms® will take care of the rest. Now, every time a form is submitted the data will feed automatically into your graphical dashboard for sharing with your management teams and executives.

Not only will you always have the latest data to hand, but this connector will save you a huge amount of time in exporting and uploading form data.

Say goodbye to those complex, unreadable spreadsheets and hello to stunning real-time visuals and powerful business intelligence.

Online forms for any purpose

Online forms for any purpose

Human Resources

  • New employee/ starter
  • Holiday Request
  • Leave of Absence
  • Staff appraisals

Internal Comms

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Training Days


  • Product ordering/ returns
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • ISO 9001

Events & Courses

  • Event sign-up
  • Event evaluation
  • Course booking


  • Accidents & Incidents
  • Near misses
  • Premises damage/ defects

Market Research

  • Public Surveys
  • Product Questionnaires
  • New Product Feedback

Collect data from people using forms on desktop, laptop and mobile device browsers.

A simple, secure and cost effective way of collecting data from people both inside and outside of your organisation.