pro-Forms®  Field Service Solutions at glance

From mobile forms to full Job & Asset Management 

Simple solutions to save time & money

pro-Forms® is founded on a vision of simplicity : data capture solutions for users no matter what their industry or situation.

Whether it be remote workers collecting data in the field by mobile device & returning completed forms to the office using our app or office based workers needing to gather information from co-workers, business partners or even the public using simple browser based forms - we have the answers.

For virtually all organisations collecting and returning data is simply the start of many other vital business processes and here too pro-Forms® plays a key role by providing the tools necessary to help businesses maximise their efficiency.

Our integration tools and options help move captured data instantly and seamlessly to other businesses systems for activities such as invoicing, inventory control and health & safety compliance. Powerful data analytics options along with custom reporting features provide the means for businesses to understand and unlock the real-issues captured data contains and to form the basis for improved data capture and decision making.

We provide solutions for ~

pro-Forms® ~
data collection for any industry, sector or purpose

pro-Forms® Mobile ~ app based forms

pro-Forms® Mobile device app

Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 10, 8.1 /8 (and other device types) and downloadable via the app stores, pro-Forms® Mobile is the perfect solution for field workers collecting data in even the most challenging environments. Editions available are ~

'ESSENTIAL' ~ an excellent solution for newcomers and those with straightforward data collection needs.
'PLUS' ~ for businesses with more advanced field force management requirements.
'ENTERPRISE' ~ for organisations with larger numbers of users or specific application/ hosting requirements.

Key features include :

  • Comprehensive range of form field types including signatures, barcode scanning and images
  • Encryption built-in
  • Raise Jobs/ Tasks & dispatch to users
  • Offline mode for low and no signal areas
  • Automatic date, time & location stamping
  • Save & retrieve partial and previous completions

pro-Forms® Web ~ browser based forms

pro-Forms® browser based forms

pro-Forms® Web provides office staff with the ability to create interactive forms using a simple drag and drop interface and to publish a shortened link to the form to large numbers of people. By simply clicking on the link the form will open in the browser on any kind of device - desktop PC, laptop or mobile - for completion by the person receiving the link.

Our browser based interactive forms solution is ideal for organisations needing to collect one-off information from large numbers of people (such as parents in the education sector) or the same information on a frequent basis (such as branches/ stores, construction sites or business partners) from a closed group of people.

Forms can be customised using themes to meet brand/ company colours and logo requirements along with a whole range of control features to manage the collection of volume data from people using just a web browser. Having received form data back from the target audience, pro-Forms® ANALYTICS provides insight into the patterns and trends within the answers provided. The custom reporting feature lets organisations make sense of the returned data in a format and on a frequency as required to meet business needs.

Key features include :

  • Use themes to brand forms with colour schemes, logos and images
  • Set limits on numbers of forms submitted in a time period
  • Provide deadline dates to stop late form submissions
  • Limit submissions from the same location
  • Publish shortened links to browser based forms using 'Quick Share' for Twitter, email and Linkedin

Job Scheduling & visual planner

Visual job planner

Included within the 'PLUS' and 'ENTERPRISE' editions of pro-Forms® Mobile, our job scheduling and visual planner feature provides all the functions necessary to manage the daily dynamics of field based teams.

From a drag and drop interface to multi-day, multi-operative view our planner helps support the needs of busy works schedulers organising remote staff attending tasks and appointments. Jobs raised, allocated or changed via the planner interface are automatically updated on remote worker mobile devices within a few seconds. Likewise, jobs completed by remote workers on their device change the colour of jobs on the visual planner to assist office scheduling staff throughout the day.

Key features include :

  • Drag and drop browser interface
  • Recurring appointments
  • On-screen visual updates of remote worker job completions
  • Departmental/ team groupings
  • multi-day, multi-user views