Staff Digital ID & verification

Secure mobile app & QR code-based staff identification

Verify staff identity, training and accreditations to help
ensure access to site & prevent non-compliant work

How often do your staff turn up on site and find they have forgotten their company ID card or proof of industry accreditations and end up having their access delayed or denied?

It's not only frustrating but also has a direct financial consequence such as wasted travel costs, rescheduling of appointments and the potential for lost income. Likewise, not being able to produce proof of current valid industry accreditations and training records can lead to customers issuing non-compliance notices and related penalties.

The pro-Forms® Staff Digital ID solution offers a secure, GDPR Compliant way of making sure these problems are avoided and can no longer be used as an excuse to prevent your staff completing their on-site work. And most importantly - it is easy to use and requires no investment in new hardware or systems.

Prevent identity fraud & ensure staff can be correctly verified

Secure mobile app & QR code access to staff Digital ID

How does it work?

Against each user account set up within the pro-Forms® back-office system, a dedicated profile page is available for you to add whatever information about your company and the employee that you wish external people to be able to see.

This can include text based information, dates, document (e.g. PDF) and image uploads or signatures. You can mark each piece of information as externally viewable or not.

A unique QR code is generated automatically within the pro-Forms® mobile app for each employee which, when scanned by a 3rd party using a standard smartphone/ tablet, will load a read-only browser page displaying just the information you have marked as viewable.

As new staff start, their information changes or accreditations are gained you can simply update what is held against each employee's online account.

Once a member of staff leaves their employment with you, by archiving their account you can prevent any possible intentional fraud or inadvertant misrepresentation.

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Typical applications

  • Company contact details, personal photo,
    employment start date, unique employee number and more...
  • NERS Passport/ competancies
  • CSCS / NICIEC card information
  • Proof of Right to work
  • Manufacturer specific accreditations
  • MCS Certification
  • Safe Gas Registration
General service & maintenanceBuilding maintenance companiesMachinery/ equipment manufacturersHVAC installers & maintenanceOperated hire road sweepingFacilities managers Materials handling

Staff Digital ID
Verify the identity of staff on site and prevent fraud and non-compliance

Control & security built-in

Viewing and scanning each employee's unique QR code is controlled through it being displayed in the secure pro-Forms® app, which your employees log into with a unique username and password.

Data is fully encrypted in both the online user account as well as the app plus you always have the option to instantly archive a staff user account which removes their app login for instance, if their employment is terminated or they leave your employment.

The convenience, control and instant access provided by the pro-Forms® app far outweigh the slow and unreliable production and issuing of plastic ID cards to staff which are notoriously difficult to control, trace and replace once in the field.

To help you know what is happening to your staff when on on-site, online reporting shows you how often staff IDs are being viewed, what documents have been accessed as well as who has requested a copy for their own records.

Being able to prove my identity from my phone at all times ensures my access to carry out work on Client sites without delay or interruption.

John Brennan

Director, UK Fire & Electrical Ltd

Never be refused access to site again due to forgetting your plastic ID card or presenting old or expired information.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ensure only verified people are on-site
  • Stop work being carried by non-accredited people
  • Easy to keep records up to date and current
  • Greater control and more efficient than issuing plastic ID cards
  • No investment in new hardware required
  • Quick & easy to revoke app access and therefore remove a staff ID
  • Convenient way to store, manage and review training records
  • Never let accreditations lapse or expire