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pro-Forms® for Small & Medium Sized commercial businesses

Custom forms

From existing paper-based versions to new documents and reports, our simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for you to build and deploy your own forms. Too busy to build your own? No problem, we have a range of Starter Packs to suit any business.
Job Scheduling

Our job scheduling tool is perfect for businesses needing flexibility for their field workers. Raise, dispatch and assign jobs to remote workers to receive on their mobile devices. Completed jobs and updates can be sent from the field straight to office teams for instant processing.
Data Integration

Seamlessly connect customer, site location & product records held in your Sage50 system to pro-Forms® when raising jobs for field workers. A powerful and valuable tool for office and field teams to save time, improve accuracy and eliminate re-entering data.
Feature Rich

From capturing customer signatures, attaching photos to mapping field worker locations, pro-Forms® has all the features to improve productivity & efficiency. Our mobile app lets you capture the right information so completed jobs can be invoiced sooner.

Improved communication with customers and engineers, efficiency gains and same day invoicing

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pro-Forms® was built with flexibility at its core
making it the perfect mobile data collection solution

    Key Features

  • Raise & dispatch jobs to field workers
  • Integrates with Sage50 Accounts
  • Intelligent forms for any industry
  • Comprehensive Library of pre-built forms
  • App compatible with Android & iOS devices
  • Capture signatures, photos, user locations etc.
Issue jobs to engineers, get instant completed job data back from field workers to improve communication and customer Service

Example solutions by industry

  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Engineer Service and repair forms
  • Thorough Examination Certificates
  • Thorough Examination Load handling Attachments & Accessories
  • On / Off hire confirmation
  • Expenses, timesheets, holiday request
  • Vehicle check, PPE
  • Maintain compliant fire safety records
  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Dry & Wet Risers Inspection Certificate
  • Sprinkler System Completion Certificate
  • Fire Hydrant Checklist
  • Periodic Inspection and Test
  • Expenses, timesheets, holiday request
  • Vehicle check, PPE
  • Raise, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Engineer Service and repair forms
  • Domestic gas boiler service (Gas Safe)
  • ACU & Refrigeration Commissioning
  • F-Gas Certificates
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist
  • Inspection schedule for water chillers
  • Quotes & Purchase Orders

Data collection and field worker solutions for small & medium sized businesses

Solutions we provide to small & medium sized businesses

Mobile app & Online forms

Comprehensive library of pre-built forms or build your own intelligent forms via easy drag & drop interface.

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Exports & Reports

Export collected data in formats including XML, CSV, Word & PDF. Easy instant data analysis & reporting.

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Standard data connectors

Connect the data you collect to other popular business systems including DropBox, Sharepoint, Sage50 Accounts and others.

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Starter Packs

Get your solution up & running that bit quicker by selecting one of Starter Packs and gain instant business benefit.

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