Smart Asset Management & Tracking

Maximise the value of your assets with ease & flexibility

A fully integrated & easy to use asset management system

Our asset management system is the perfect solution for companies :

  • currently using spreadsheets but needing greater flexibility
  • looking to replace an existing bespoke in-house system
  • requiring a secure, UK built, hosted & supported solution
  • wanting to integrate asset management with jobs & field service
  • making the first step from paper to online asset management
With powerful features and familiar spreadsheet style editing interface, users and teams can take full control of your assets no matter where they are using our mobile app and a browser interface for office staff.

Accessible for office staff via desktop/ laptop browser and field staff by smartphone or tablet app - asset management couldn't be easier. Benefit from true multi-user access to real-time, accurate asset data ensuring the right decisions, policies and procedures are followed across your organisation.

Just some of the benefits you can expect

Control costs & expenditure

Helping you to plan, budget and track expenditure for asset purchasing, maintenance and disposal.

Efficient asset auditing

Undertake asset audits across multiple sites & locations using tablet/smartphone barcode scanning and bulk updates.

Improved teamwork

Store, share and access key asset information, documents & photos across teams, departments and business units.

Maximise asset life span & availability

Ensure asset service and planned maintenance schedules are set & implemented. Track asset statuses and availability for staff usage.

Reduce loss & theft

Use simple & convenient check-out and check-in for staff to record when assets are off-site and due for return. Barcode assets for easy identification & tracking.

Comply with Corporate Governance & QA

User powerful customisation features to add asset management & recording features to support your QA accreditation and other corporate policies.

Meeting the asset needs of your industry

Asset solutions for all industries

No matter what industry or market sector you operate in, pro-Forms® asset management module is sufficiently flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of your business, staff and customers.

Our users are drawn from a wide range of industries including construction, manufacturing, service & maintenance, plant & equipment hire and fire & security. Each of these industries has it's own unique asset types / classes and requirements throughout the asset life cycle from operational installation, commissioning and usage to service and maintenance, performance monitoring and end-of-life.

Whether you operate within an asset management accreditation system or are simply looking for a dedicated asset management platform to replace spreadsheets, we have the solution for you.