The smart Job Management tool

Reduce costs and maximise profits with smart job management software

  • Ensure your business meets demand and attracts new customers
  • Exceed customer expectations with smooth workflows and excellent service
  • Strengthen your core KPIs
  • Innovate & enhance your workplace with intuitive job management software

Pave the way for technological advancement in your business

  • Easy to implement - secure, cloud-based hosting
  • GDPR compliant & guaranteed UK Data Sovereignty for peace of mind
  • Minimal staff training required & excellent support services
  • Scalable for multiple departments or single team usage
  • Integration with back office and off-the-shelf systems

Communicate with your field workforce with ease

  • Get your fieldworkers to the right place, at the right time
  • Keep customers informed with real-time job status updates
  • Get a visual overview with our drag-and-drop job planner
  • Pre-build a common job type that can be dispatched in seconds
  • Completed job information can be automatically forwarded to customers and partners

Know exactly where you need to be and what needs doing

  • Receive instant job notifications with all the latest jobs notes
  • Complete pre-populated paperless forms on your mobile device and submit them straight to the office
  • Know the priority of each job and improve customers satisfisfaction levels
  • Reduced phone calls and emails to and from the office

Drag-and-drop visual job planner

Drag-and-Drop Planner

An easy way to manage your fieldforce as the working day and week progresses. Drag and swap jobs around with ease to ensure your company meets customer demand. Having a visual job overview means you can quickly and accurately inform customers about their job in a moment's notice without having to wade through paperwork.

Real-time Mapping

Map and locate your fieldworkers and jobs in real-time. Using GPS, the mobile app will send location points to the map so you can inform customers of a fieldworker's latest location when they call. Once a job is completed, the job marker will update automatically. You can toggle between field teams and customise your map settings to suit you.

Real-time mapping

Multiple Visits

Not every job can be completed in one visit. Our job management software allows operational teams to raise consecutive visits that need to be completed before the job can marked as completed.

Teams and lone worker management

Teams and Lone Worker

Whether your fieldforce work alone, in pairs or as a team, you can dispatch a job to notify them all and customise who needs to complete the forms for the job. Set your mobile forms to be completed by all team members or just one – it’s entirely up to you.

Teams and lone worker management

Push Notifications

All fieldworkers will be notified on the day of the job via the mobile app. They will be equipped with all the mobile forms and will know the time of the job, on site contact details, job details and the Lead Worker who is to complete any forms.

Receive push notifications with our job management software

Have some forms that need completing for your job?

Great news! Our mobile app was built to allow fieldworkers to complete any type of mobile form from their device and when they’re ready to submit, the data will send directly to where it needs to be in the format you want such as Word Doc or PDF. Our mobile forms can either be available as stand-alone forms OR as part of a job.

Complete any mobile form from your device

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