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Out of the box data connectors


Out of the box connectors & methods

Use our standard data connectors and integration methods to share your data with popular business systems such as DropBox and Sharepoint.

Integrationg Sage50 Accounts data with mobile forms


pro-Connector® app for Sage50

An ideal solution for small & medium sized business to make more of customer & product data held in Sage50 Accounts systems by pre-populating mobile forms.

Bespoke API integration with mobile forms


Benefit from our enterprise expertise

Our experience of enterprise grade systems integration has resulted in large scale national and multi-national pro-Forms® deployments.

Standard connectors & data transfer methods

Standard out of the box data connectors

Our family of connectors are designed to provide the all too common missing piece of the efficiency jigsaw found with mobile working systems - key connectivity with existing business systems.

Mobilising the data collection element of field workers' activities is useful and has an immediate impact in terms of time & cost saving but true efficiency benefits can only be achieved when data flows seamlessly from office systems to the field and back again with minimal admin intervention.

  • DropBox, Sharepoint, Salesforce, MS Dynamics & more connectors...
  • Email, FTP & SFTP transfer protocols built-in
  • Create XML, CSV and text format exports to be transferred to other systems

pro-Connector® for Sage50

pro-Connector® for Sage50 Accounts

For many of the 10,000s of UK businesses that use Sage 50 Accounts there is the same recurring issue - making relevant data from Sage available via a mobile app to field based staff in a secure, reliable and cost effective manner.

That is why we built pro-Connector® - to fill the gap between need and affordability whilst being flexible enough to meet customers' requirements.

With many companies not able or willing to move to more expensive ERP systems and being content to stay with the Sage system they know, what we are offering is a Sage Add-On (or Sage Addition) to deliver the equivalent and usually better mobile app functionality for field staff than included in these significantly more expensive and complex systems.

Features & benefits

  • A Windows app installed on the same PC or server as your Sage 50 installation.
  • Requires our unique Activation Key and works with a live pro-Forms® Work Group account
  • On-screen configuration to define what Sage data is securely exported & transfer frequencies for live pre-population of form fields
  • Field pre-population on mobile forms includes : customers, addresses, products, stock, pricing, discounts, sales orders, deliveries, discounts
  • Capture new/ updated customer information, sales orders and deliveries on mobile devices for pro-Connector® to automatically update Sage
  • Use pro-Forms® job scheduling feature to issue sales orders/ deliveries to field operatives for form completion on mobile device

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Benefit from reduced office admin and double data handling

Custom integration and APIs

Bespoke API systems integration

We are regularly asked by our Customers to carry out data integration with specific back office systems already in use within their business. Some of these integrations are with common systems from vendors such as Microsoft and Oracle but which usually involve elements of customisation within the Customer's environment, examples of this kind of integration we have carried out include Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Northgate Information Systems Anite for Social Housing.

Examples of other custom integrations we have carried out include :

  • e-Compliance from Civica (health & domiciliary care)
  • Orchard & Anite Housing Management systems
  • In-house tasks allocation systems from Croner Group Ltd
  • Slipstream bespoke job management system from Frontline IT Consultancy / Meterprovida

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