Integrate & share your data, effortlessly

with our powerful set of data connectors

Start to maximise your efficiency by integrating the data you’re collecting from jobs & forms with your key back-office systems.

Save serious amounts of time by eliminating duplication, retyping and errors as the pro-Forms® suite of data connectors lets you
share & view data in real-time without the admin cost. Our connectors will help your field staff work remotely from office locations and keep your business moving.

Microsoft Connectors

Maximise your investment in Microsoft Office 365 by connecting incoming forms and form data directly with OneDrive for cloud storage, Sharepoint sites & lists, Teams for collaboration with colleagues & customers and Power BI for real-time dashboard visualisations.

Collected form data can be sent to OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams in virtually any file format you choose including : Word, PDF, CSV, txt, XML and JSON and with images/photos being saved as .jpg files.

Use the intelligent features built in to pro-Forms® to create OneDrive folders automatically based on submitted answers to form questions e.g. customer name, site visited or Job Number.

Google Connectors

To help companies to get more from Google Workspace (formally G Suite) we have added connectors for Google Drive and Calendar. With easy use folder navigation & picker, adding files directly to Drive couldn't be simpler. pro-Forms® will even create folders and sub-folders for you based on form field answers or text you have pre-entered.

Our Google Calendar integration works with both personal Google accounts and Workspace accounts so as jobs are planned within the pro-Forms® Job Management module they are directly added to the relevant user's calendar. Likewise, all appointment modifactions and cancellations are reflected instantly across the affected Google calendars.

Other System Connectors

For enterprise grade data collection organisations our Salesforce integration provides the perfect solution for both pre-populating forms with data from their Salesforce account through to adding and updating data records already held. Using the secure published Salesforce API to connect between systems we offer the ideal data collection methods to Salesforce users whether it be using our mobile forms or online forms modules.

Being members of the Sage Developers Partner Programme means we can confidently provide Sage50c Accounts users with bi-directional data exchange using our dedicated integration software pro-Connector®. Move customer, sites, products and Sales Orders (SOPs) data from Sage50 Accounts to your pro-Forms® account to stop data re-entry, erros and duplication. Likewise your field team will be able to raise Quotes, send completed works orders as draft invoices directly to Sage for your office staff to process.

Connect directly to your cloud storage accounts

OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox

  • Automatically update your files directly from field workers – let pro-Forms® take care of auto-updating and storing your images, documents and surveys to the right folder or project.
  • Control the sharing of data with the people who matter – whether that’s your management team or your operational staff, ensure real-time access to data for the right people.
  • Always have the latest data to hand – for meetings and reporting, you can rest assured that the data you need will always be up to date and accurate.
Organise your forms, images & data with our OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox connectors

Connect to customer, product and Sales Order data in Sage 50cloud Accounts

Sage 50cloud Accounts

  • Use Sage 50cloud Accounts system as a central data source for field sevice management and product ordering
    you shouldn’t have to spend valuable time transferring data between systems. pro-Forms® was built for this purpose giving you cost effective peace of mind and complete reliability.
  • A smooth flow of data from Sage to your field workers and back again
    whatever your industry pro-Forms® will seamlessly feed the right information to field workers from Sage 50cloud Accounts without any manual intervention.
  • Eliminate errors and duplication
    never worry about transposing digits or handling incomplete data as pro-Forms® will feed accurate data to and from Sage.
  • Benefit from close integration with the latest pro-Forms® & Sage features
    gain significant benefits from new features including Making Tax Digital (MTD) and GDPR compliance, integration with Office 365 and secure cloud storage & data backup.
Directly integrate Sage50 Accounts data with pro-Forms®
Using Sage 50cloud Accounts and run a field service team or want sell from a catalogue of products via mobile app?

Look no further, we have a solution for you.


Reveal the stories buried within your data with Power BI

Microsoft Power BI real-time visual dashboards

  • Create dynamic visual dashboards and charts in seconds – with a simple one-time set-up, data submitted into pro-Forms® will feed automatically into any type of chart you want, effortlessly.
  • Real-time data updates keep you in-the-know – forget about exporting and uploading data, pro-Forms® works together with Power BI to give you up to date information in rich, stunning graphs, maps & visuals.
  • Uncover the real situation from your data – find out how each part of your workforce is performing and collaborating, so you can make strategic decisions based on factual information.
  • Share with your team and stakeholders – with easy to understand and digest dashboards, you'll never want to go back to dull documents and spreadsheets.
Stunning, real-time data visualisation with our Microsoft Power BI connector