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pro-Forms - Zapier Integration

Marketing System Integration 17/03/2023  

New - Integration with Zapier

Connecting pro-Forms® to 5,000+ apps

Maximising the benefits of the software you use

We are extremely pleased to announce the latest addition to our world-class set of integrations - Zapier Automation Platform.

The Zapier app can connect to 5,000+ other software systems and opens up endless possibilities for our pro-Forms® customers looking to move data between other software and pro-Forms®

Zapier Automation Platform

So, what exactly are benefits of integration using Zapier?

The Holy Grail for all businesses is how to reduce the burden on admin staff as a company grows without needing an accompanying increase in headcount. For many it can be quite a conundrum to solve.

We are in the infancy of seeing AI in common use for replacing routine business admin tasks, but what is within reach for the vital SME layer of the business economy is systems integration and business process automation - and this is exactly where the power of pro-Forms® and Zapier comes to the fore.

Being able to automatically and intelligently move key pieces of data between systems, people and locations can have a significant impact in many areas of business from accounting and finance, to compliance and customer service. And this is especially true if data movements involve exisitng software solutions already in use and therefore budgeted for such as Office 365, Google Workspace and QuickBooks/ Xero Accounting.

Some everyday practical examples

There are numerous ways of automating routine but time consuming tasks using the pro-Forms® - Zapier integration.

Here a just a couple of the more common requests we get and are by no means examples of out of the ordinary, ground-breaking achievements - but let's be honest, there are probably 1,000s of companies every day spending precious office hours doing these, and others, unnecessarily by hand.

Generating invoices on Job completion

Two of the most popular SME accounting solutions in use are Intuit QuickBooks and Xero Accounting software.

As a pro-Forms® user completes a job using either our WORK MANAGER or Mobile Forms Plans, the relevant information such as parts used, labour time and travel are automatically passed to either QuickBooks or Xero and a draft invoice generated ready for staff to check and issue.

Using this approach a company could be issuing an invoice to their Customer within around 10 minutes of the job being completed on site resulting in improved cashflow and more staff hours to redirect to other duties. This is a very neat solution for 1,000s of companies everyday.

Xero Accounting

Managing field team calendars

Where members of a field team raise and manage their own appointments using Google Calendar, adding a new calendar entry can automatically raise and update jobs within pro-Forms® WORK MANAGER or ENTERPRISE MANAGER.

This is extremely useful for their office admin staff to oversee diaries for the whole team and then liaise with Customers and other members of the supplychain whilst still giving fields staff the freedom over visit dates and times.

Google Calendar

In summary, our new Zapier integration opens up a world of possibilities for connecting systems, moving data and creating advanced automated business process solutions all with the aim of reducing time spent on repetitive staff admin tasks. From the very simple but useful, send an SMS to a customer on job completion to more advanced placing of orders for parts required we now have the capability.


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