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The Job Management Software built for SMEs

Kayleigh Swift Job Management 09/03/2018  

The Job Management Software built for SMEs

For small-medium businesses across the country, the role of managing jobs usually falls between a small office team or an individual. But as customers are becoming more demanding and office teams are tighter than ever on resources, how can this process be enhanced to benefit everyone involved?

Time is money

The time cost of managing a job is huge and is typically overlooked. You could say operational teams are ?used to it? and the manual process has become second-nature. Re-typing job notes, chasing field engineers, processing paperwork and emailing customers soaks up a wealth of time. Only through change, will a business realise the time and financial burden of manual job management.


Raising a job - the easy way

Job Management Software allows office teams to dispatch work directly to fieldworkers in seconds. Fieldworker's will be instantly notified of any new jobs and their device will be equipped with the latest job details and forms, eliminating the need to deliver and collect paperwork. Customers can be given priority or an allocated time slot to ensure their needs are met. Once a job is complete, office teams will be notified and can decide if further visits are required or if the job is ready for invoicing. Fieldworkers will no longer need to wade through piles of job sheets or contact the office for updates as the pro-Forms? Mobile app dispatches jobs in real-time.

By investing in affordable job management software, companies can dispatch jobs directly to field staff to maximise efficiency.

Embrace automation

Unfortunately, although a job is completed on site, there is still a great deal of processing to be carried out from the office. With Job Management Software, workflows and processes can be automated to save time and money. Send company-branded delivery notes and turn raw form data into customer-ready PDFs without human input. Office teams have the opportunity to allocate their time more efficiently to re-engage with customers, chase invoices and prioritise urgent jobs.

Job Management Software can transform all aspects of a business from customer service to productivity in the field. With minimal disruption to daily operations, implementing an affordable system could benefit your business in more ways than you think.

If you are struggling to keep up with customer demand, speak to one of our team today on 0845 094 1615 or sign up for a free 30-day trial and explore our powerful system.