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3 reasons why it's the best time to take your workforce digital

Kayleigh Swift Business Strategy 13/04/2018  

3 reasons why it's the best time to take your workforce digital

Look back 20, even 10 years and there were very few off-the-shelf software packages and options for businesses. The current state of the economy means businesses need to do more, with fewer resources and that's where Software-as-a-Service comes in.

We regularly see the biggest factor affecting business inefficiency evident within back-office processes - more specifically, the manual processing, logging and reporting of data. But how can a business seriously compete without easy and affordable access to sophisticated tools?


The struggle IS real;

We often hear from our customers of the struggle they encounter daily with getting relevant paperwork and job information to and from their staff out in the field. The traditional methods of collecting and delivering paperwork or calling employees on-the-move to relay accurate information has become one of the growth limiting factors within SMEs organisations.

Little do they know of the availability of mobile Field Service Management (FSM).

Typical FSM features include:

Readily available technology;

With mobile technology so prevalent in our personal lives, we struggle to understand why these same technologies have not made their way into the workplace. Packaged Job Management solutions and Paperless Systems are readily available with minimal cost and business disruption. There's no hardware to buy and no software to install and often you don't even need any IT experience. So, with just a desktop PC and an Internet connection back in the office, jobs and paperwork can be dispatched straight to a mobile device and returned in real-time.

Release key resources;

It's obvious to see the impact and value of FSM in performing typically human-processed tasks. From managing documents to producing compliance certificates, FSM can automate time-consuming tasks to free up valuable resources. Financial and physical resources that can be utilised in growth and strategic development.

It's all about the customer;

Organisations are continually on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities to offer their customers and enhance their experience - and why shouldn't they? Mobile FSM applications allow field workers to complete documents on-the-go including collecting customer signatures, location and photographs, without the usual slow and laborious paperwork completion. To them - it's all about providing an efficient, cost-saving service.

FSM has revolutionised the way in which Operational Teams collaborate with fieldworkers. Never has such technology been more readily available and we're excited to be a part of the movement.

Think it's time to embrace this technology? Contact our team today on 0845 094 1615 or to find out how your business could benefit.