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Gas Contract Services turn to digital forms

Kayleigh Customer 04/04/2018  

Gas Contract Services turn to digital forms

Gas Contract Services has earned a prestigious reputation in delivering quality assurance services throughout the South and Midlands regions. Dispatching field staff to inspect, test and report a range of gas and other building services related issues meant GCS was completing in excess of 45,000 audits a year. The need to improve efficiency in the movement of information between field and office staff became paramount.


With customised forms covering auditing, surveying and testing, inspectors could reduce time filling out forms thanks to integration of GCS's customer database and pro-Forms® . Using Android devices, field inspectors now instantly send audits from site via pro-Forms® to the existing office system for processing and management reporting. By dramatically reducing the volume of paperwork generated and handled, GCS has significantly increased efficiency, improved customer service whilst demonstrating a commitment to reducing environmental impact from print and paper.

"As workload in the field has increased, our admin costs have reduced. This means we are far more productive than ever! We couldn't imagine going back to traditional paper forms."

Key Benefits

  • Over 20,000 inspections and 5,000 images sent electronically every year
  • Utilised admin and support staff in revenue generating roles
  • Instant deployment of forms from office to field
  • Significantly reduced environmental impact and spend on paper

If your business is looking for a way to relieve employees of the burden of paperwork, speak to one of our experts today on 0845 094 1615 or sign up and trial pro-Forms® for yourself for free for 30 days!