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Introducing: pro-Forms Vision

Kayleigh Swift Fieldworker Management 07/02/2018  

Introducing: pro-Forms® Vision


pro-Forms® Vision

The team here at pro-Forms® is excited to announce the latest addition to our growing family of field service management applications.

'Mapping & Locating' is the first feature to be announced as part of the new pro-Forms®  Vision suite of applications designed to enhance field service management in businesses of any size or industry.

Plan and react to customer needs with live mapping


This powerful feature enables office staff to view fieldworker Jobs/Tasks and locations in real-time. Working seamlessly with the 'Tasks' function, any task raised and allocated within pro-Forms®  is automatically populated onto the map.

As a field worker completes a job and submits the relevant form, the job status will automatically update on the map giving office staff more clarity of than ever before.

The feature enables :

  • Job Schedulers to manage cancellations and allocations more efficiently
  • Office staff to respond to customer queries quicker and more accurately
  • Less distraction to field workers on-the-move
  • Customer service to be improved dramatically
  • Finance teams to invoice quicker
  • The entire workforce to have more clarity throughout the working day

Whether you have 5 or 500 fieldworkers, the Mapping and Locating feature will transform your field service management.

How does it work?

pro-Forms ®  receives a stream of GPS locations whilst a mobile user is logged into the pro-Forms ®  app. This location data is converted and displayed on the map to show last known user location, direction of travel between jobs and real-time Jobs/Tasks status updates as field workers progress through their workload.

Office teams are now able to respond instantly and accurately to customers with regards to field worker location and job status.

What you need to know

pro-Forms®  Vision was built with flexibility and scalability at its core. So, whether you have 5 or 500 field workers, the Mapping and Locating feature can transform field service management and customer service across your business.

Location Mapping is available to all customers with a pro-Forms®  'PLUS' mobile account. To upgrade your account, please call or email us today.

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