Visual Business Intelligence (BI) that tells a story

Stunning, interactive Power BI dashboards fed by the pro-Forms® connector

Real-time data connector to your Power BI dashboard

Every survey, sales report or vehicle inspection will feed seamlessly into your dashboard without any manual processing. As a form is submitted, you can rest assured that pro-Forms® will deliver the data to the right chart. You’ll always have the most current data to hand so you can make accurate, informed decisions.

Custom charts revealing exactly what you need to know

Power BI gives you a wide range of customisable charts and graphs to help you understand your data and provide that critical insight that isn’t readily available on typical spreadsheets. From maps and gauges to pie charts and funnels there’s a tool for all your data.

Power BI graph Example

Revealing stories within our customer's data

Dioeces of westminster

"The use of the pro-Forms® online data collection system enabled us to develop a system that ensured that locally prepared data was quickly and efficiently communicated on our website. Visitors to our website can review the data interactively using Power BI."

Nigel Spears, Assistant Director

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Power BI laptop

Share with your colleagues and stakeholders

Collaborate with your team using stunning, interactive charts where they can ‘slice and dice’ the data to uncover patterns and trends. All your data can be traced back to your original form submissions so you can analyse what has occurred.

Respond to changes on-the-move

Wherever you are, you can access your BI. Simply download the Power BI mobile app and view your dashboards fed in real-time by our pro-Forms® connector. With the latest data to hand, you can quickly make decisions and react to patterns in your data even when you’re away from the office.

In-built analytics to improve your business

Real-time dashboard showing user activities

After logging-in to the browser based Work Group, you are immediately presented with a graphical activity dashboard giving an instant overview of the day's activities of your remote workforce. See instantly :

  • ~ peak load times when users send data back to the office
  • ~ which forms are accounting for the most returned data
  • ~ activity changes by hour/ day/ month
  • ~ alignment of office resources to meet the needs of remote workers

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