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Maximising field resources with common sense Job Management

Jon Crofts Job Management 18/06/2018  

Maximise the return from fieldworkers
with Job Management software

An asset or a cost?

Fieldworkers are a major business asset. Period.

Just like plant, equipment and even cash. We'd bet good money you have plans for looking after these other assets, right? So how about your fieldworkers?

Recognising their potential value is vital, as is working out how to maximise the return from your investment in the staff you employ. Using common sense Job Management software solutions is one key weapon in the battle for optimising resources.

Managing job schedules - like juggling with eggs?


For the vast majority of field service companies in the UK, every day is a constant juggling act : which engineer to send to which customer site, what order do jobs need completing in and how efficiently work can be re-distributed amongst engineers when a job overruns due to unforeseen complications.

What these companies don't need is software that applies a complex set of rules that try to make decisions on behalf of field service administrators, who by and large, are some of the most skilled people around at balancing the competing demands of customers. What they do need however are tools which assist with :

  • planning and re-planning, because things will change throughout the working day,
  • easily communicating changed plans with remote based fieldworkers,
  • knowing what, where and why things are happening without interrupting fieldworkers,
  • proactively informing customers of the progress of jobs

Assist staff decision making, don't replace it

Many of the larger field service software vendors have attempted to replace the flexibility and benefits of incorporating real, people-based decision making and judgement with automated "intelligent" toolsets claiming administrative efficiencies as the winning ingredient.

Here at pro-Forms® we strongly believe for the vast majority of SME field service companies the real wins lie in using job scheduling tools that support those people in the business who know their customers, can manage their expectations and know that consistently good customer service generates repeat business.

Communication is key & combining common sense Job Management tools with other workforce management features will deliver significant benefits for customers and fieldworkers alike

If your team is committing valuable time to low-level tasks that can be automated or more efficiently executed, we have the solution.

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