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Improving Health and Safety on Site with Mobile Forms

Marketing Construction Health and Safety 12/06/2018  

Improving Health & Safety on Site with mobile forms


Construction sites are undoubtedly amongst the most high-risk working environments in the UK.

No matter how many preventative procedures are in place, accidents, incidents and injuries occur. Such instances have financial, legal and consequences and reduce the chance of meeting deadlines.

By adopting mobile form technology construction companies can instantly improve their businesses - not only through reduced costs and improved communication but also by uncovering insights and opportunities. But how can this technology be applied to mitigate risk and improve health and safety on a construction site?

Toolbox Talks


Toolbox Talks are the ideal tool for outlining safety procedures and standards before and during a construction project. Whether this weekly, monthly or one-off sessions, the importance of recording the names of staff ensures they are up-to-date with safe working practices and potential site hazards. Should an incident occur here after, Safety Managers can rest assured that workers were fully informed during a briefing.

Risk Assessments

During a risk assessment, accident-prone areas can be reported with supporting images straight from a camera. With mobile forms, Safety Inspectors can provide accurate and detailed information without the need to wade through paperwork.

Mobile risk assessments are transforming the way Inspectors perform their roles. With the time saved, Safety Inspectors have the capacity to attend more sites throughout the day and provide a complete, visual overview of the potential risk of each site. The comments and images can be later applied to safety training sessions.

Mobile forms give peace of mind that your data will always be stored securely
and can be rapidly filed, searched and retrieved when required.

Accident Reporting


Accidents and incidents can be reported via a standardised mobile form from a smart device and logged onto a central system. But how does this alleviate the risk of further instances?

Once an incident is logged, the information is stored and can be easily transformed into a powerful report. Reports can show the most common;

  1. Accident types
  2. Accident areas
  3. Time of day
  4. Day of week
  5. Site worker accident rates

Managers can use this powerful data to reinforce safety rules and ensure protection is in place to prevent further accidents taking place on site.

Damaged & missing paperwork

Here at pro-Forms® , we contemplate scenarios where paperwork is damaged, lost or inaccessible. These vital documents are the backbone of projects as they document every process. but what happens when this data cannot be retrieved?


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