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Digitising Proof of Delivery - PoD for operated hire fleet

Kayleigh News 22/05/2018  

Digitising Proof of Delivery (PoD) for
operated hire fleets

Having a reliable Proof of Delivery (PoD) document can make the difference between being paid or not - especially in a high volume - low value job environment.

A nation-wide road sweeping/ operated hire business sought a solution from pro-Forms? that ensured the timely return of an accurate PoD containing the necessary information to eliminate disputes and delayed payment.


Solution features:

  • Android app rolled out to 350 drivers
  • Visual job planning & change management
  • Integration with legacy fleet solution
  • Ergonomic form design to minimise driver input
  • Mandatory customer signature/ site image capture
  • GPS & time stamped PoD forms

Business outcomes:

  • Improved cashflow from mandatory customer signatures
  • Reduced customer disputes with irrefutable evidence
  • Reduced back office admin & processing time
  • Instant management reporting
  • Same day invoicing

If you would like to replace your paper-based process with an electronic PoD, why not sign-up today to a FREE pro-Forms® trial?

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