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Bridging the gap between Sage 50 and field service

Kayleigh Data 25/06/2018  

Bridging the gap between Sage 50 and field service operations

For SMEs up and down the country ? extracting data from Sage 50  Accounts onto a meaningful job sheet for a field engineer is a lengthy and inefficient process.


Our vision is to:

1.       Speed up the entire process to reduce backoffice admin time

2.      Reuse data from Sage50 Accounts to eliminate data entry errors

3.      Provide fieldworkers with paperless job information to their mobile device

4.      Make the flow from the field back to Sage50 as seamless as possible


So, here?s what we did:

1.       Enabled our integration tool ? pro-Connector® ? to extract SOP data (Sales Order Processing) from Sage50 Accounts and feed it to pro-Forms? as a job ready to be allocated and dispatched.

2.      Gave office based staff the ability to edit the job by adding fields such as a target date, assigned operative and documentation to be completed.

3.      Changed the pro-Forms® app to notify fieldworkers of a new job, including pre-population of the job information to speed up paperless form completion on their mobile device.

4.      Enabled pro-Connector? to feed the job information back into Sage 50 without any admin staff input.

But that?s not all:

-        Monitor your fieldworker?s movements on our live map

-        Gain instant updates on job statuses

-        Add priority codes to jobs

-        Create additional visits for jobs that require further action e.g. fit parts

-        Raise, dispatch, cancel and amend jobs at anytime

Using Sage 50 accounts? Want a smoother flow between jobs and invoicing? Our pro-Connector app can help! Just let us know when you're available for a chat!