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Fields service software saving time, money and headaches!

Kayleigh News 17/09/2018  

Field service software that will save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches!

Ever wondered if there is an easier way to manage your engineers out in the field?

Our Job Management tool, the latest edition to our growing family of easy to use Field Service Management products,
delivers exactly this.

Industry research

We worked closely with our Users out in the field to understand exactly how they operate and communicate. We knew how crucial this research would be to the overall usability of the job Management software so we took our time getting to know the ins and outs of several mobile workforces. The software development team here at pro-Forms® discussed ideas, designs and concepts and began to build our new Job Management software.

Our conclusion

To keep our software as accessible as possible for a wide range of sectors, we built a solution that is;

1) easy to use by office admin staff


2) scalable to suit high volumes of jobs

Key features

Job Types

As a one-time activity, you can now set-up job types that define a specific set of job rules. Then, when jobs of these types are required, simply raise, allocate and assign.

  • Allocated job duration
  • Default mobile forms to be completed & by whom
  • Default priority code
  • Assign to default teams
  • Add Custom fields specific to the job type

Drag-and-drop Planner

Manage and organise your jobs and field workers even easier with our simple drag-and-drop planner. Locate the job either from the job dashboard or directly from the planner and move it to a different time slot or worker. Quickly understand the current workload when a customer calls and a new job is requested - you can even filter by teams or time period!

Multiple Visits

Our research told us that in most industries jobs are built up of several visits. We used this insight to create a multiple visit feature whereby the job is only marked complete once all visits are completed. This helps keep all the job information in one place so office-based staff can quickly view visit history and have an informed discussion with customers when they call.

What's next?

Our team of software engineers will continue to enhance the job management feature with a continued focus on simplifying the whole process for customers as well as linking job planning with our existing mapping feature. Development is also underway to integrate Job Management with cloud storage platforms and back-office systems.

For a remote demo or more information, get in touch with us today!