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ASAP Fire Ltd go paperless and reduce their waste!

Kayleigh Customers 20/06/2018  

ASAP Fire Ltd go paperless and reduce their waste!


Since 2015, pro-Forms has been working closely with ASAP Fire Systems Ltd providing software to both their field teams and their office-based staff.

ASAP Fire Systems looked for software that could help to increase productivity and improve real-time decision making and customer service.

ASAP Fire Systems Ltd

Too much paperwork:

As demand grew for sprinkler testing and emergency fire equipment, ASAP recognised there was an opportunity to introduce a solution that could ease the pressure from the office and field teams.

With 12 engineers out on the road everyday covering the length of the country, getting paperwork and job information to and from their engineers was complex and inefficient.

Claire Hewitt, Operations Director, worked with the team at pro-Forms to create a seamless flow of information from the desktops in the office, to the mobile phones in engineer's hands.

With the pro-Forms software quickly up and running, all jobs, both PPM and reactive, are now managed through the Job Management system.

Reduced mileage:

Since using the software, ASAP have reported they are now completing more PPM and emergency jobs per engineer than ever before with less office admin time required.

Annual mileage and fuel consumption has drastically dropped since using pro-Forms. Engineers are always equipped with the latest job notes and mobile forms meaning trips to and from the office are unnecessary. They have access to key information such as the main contact on site and equipment which was difficult to achieve using paper forms.

The turnaround time from quote to invoice has almost halved as the staff in the office can now issue same-day invoices thanks to the integration of pro-Forms with their Sage50 Accounts system using our pro-Connector app .

"Since using pro-Forms, our office team are able to respond to customers quickly and accurately in short notice. It used to take days, if not longer, for job sheets to come back to the office but now it's instant which means we can invoice quicker . Our team can now dispatch a job straight to an engineer without needing to pick up the phone. We're operating more efficiently than ever before and this has reflected in our KPIs." Claire Hewitt, Operations Director.

Images and customer signatures are sent back to the operations teams in real-time giving them more visibility on every job and allowing them to raise a follow-up visit sooner.

Now, when a client contacts the office, the team can provide them with accurate, real-time information which has dramatically improved their customer relations.

The engineers in the field no longer wade through paperwork on site or store important documents in their vehicles.

Thinking about using paperless forms and job management software? We can help you digitise your current manual process, just ask!