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Mobile forms putting an end to plant hire disputes

Kayleigh Technology 06/09/2018  

Mobile forms - putting an end to on/off hire plant damage disputes

How can you settle disagreements with customers over damages they won't admit to? This is an issue that thousands of companies in the Hire Industry face virtually every day.


When hiring out machinery, plant and tools to customers, you assume the items will be returned in the same condition, right? Wrong!

Anyone working the on/off hire model knows only too well this is not the case.

Removing the doubt

When your driver arrives to collect the assets, they are often faced with all kinds of damage from simple dents and scratches to issues affecting operation and safety.

Your customer denies any involvement and claims the damage existed at the time of delivery. Corrective action to put your assets back in a hireable condition can end up costing your company thousands in repairs.

You shouldn't have to pay out for the cost of repairs but how can you prove responsibility without any evidence?

You can't without photographs and signatures- they are the key elements in this common scenario.

It's time to invest in a new, easy to use but highly effective solution -mobile friendly forms.

Capture photos before and after hire

Find out more about mobile forms here

You dispatch your driver to deliver an item of plant to a customer.

On arrival, they unload the machine and open the app and the Delivery Form on their mobile device.

They start by taking photographs as part of the form from all angles of the machinery including close-ups and internal shots.

They can comment on each photograph to provide even more detail and commentary on asset condition.

The customer adds their signature against the form which is then automatically dated and GPS stamped.

This form is instantly sent back to the office as a PDF and a branded delivery note automatically sent to the customer with their signature and photographs attached as their record of the condition they accepted the machine in.

Now everyone is sharing the same condition information in a matter of minutes.

When it's time for collection any potential disputes can be quickly rectified using the images and commentary from the delivery form.

Now you can instantly prove and charge against any damages outside of your responsibility.

Although you'll begin to see a huge reduction in costs for repairs, the benefits go much further than this:

  • Relationships with your customers will improve as potential disputes can be avoided or resolved quicker by reference to factual evidence held by both parties;
  • You have access to real-time data meaning you can process invoices and charges much sooner;
  • All your forms are stored securely in the cloud, so you don't have to wade through folders upon folders to find documents;
  • Your drivers will no longer have to complete paperwork onsite and deliver it back to the office

We work with customers that hire high-value plant and machinery everyday who were struggling with collecting evidence and proving responsibility over damages. Since using pro-Forms®  they resolve disputes quickly and can accurately charge for repairs.

If you are also struggling with similar issues, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today so you can start building stronger relationships with your customers.