Jon Technology 04/09/2018  

'Any idea what this says?'
...the #1 complaint of using paper based forms

What is THE one thing that REALLY slows your admin staff down?

Something that time and again means you have stop what you are doing and chase an engineer by phone or wait until they come into the office?

We can tell you, that for the majority of our users in operational roles, their pet gripe is unreadable handwriting. Just take a look at the image below - look familiar?


Getting messy and incomplete paperwork back to the office provides a few challenges for operational staff and spending time chasing down the culprit to decipher handwriting is one of them.

Here's a few more:

  1. Difficult to distinguish pass/fail yes/no type questions at a glance
  2. Characters and digits are often mistaken for others
  3. Forms are often delivered incomplete e.g. no signature
  4. Forms are also damaged and unreadable

So how can we bring an end to these common problems?

The simple answer is mobile-friendly forms. Here's how we helped one of our new customers overcome their issues! READ MORE

A mobile-friendly form for drivers

A range of field-types meant mobile forms could quickly replicate and improve existing paper-based forms

Easy-to-use interface and simple layout gave drivers confidence using to app with minimal support


And a clean, readable copy for office use

Conditional formatting was built into the form which meant staff could quickly distinguish between pass/fail responses

A simple, clean form was created for each part of the daily operations


Where drivers can upload images straight from their device

Drivers can quickly upload images and comment on any defects they come across

All images are stored in a centralised and secure web account


If you're fed up of receiving incomplete and unreadable paperwork, then don't worry!

Join other businesses and start getting readable forms back to your office in no time.
Simply give us a call on 0845 094 1615 or contact us online to get up & running