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Cure bad handwriting with mobile forms

Jon Technology 04/09/2018  


'Any idea what this says?'

...the #1 complaint of using paper based forms

What is THE one thing that REALLY slows your office staff down?
Something that time and again means you have stop what you are doing and chase an engineer by phone or wait until they come into the office?

We can tell you that for the majority of our users in office admin roles, their pet gripe is unreadable handwriting.

Just take a look at the paper form below - look familiar?

an unreadable paper form

Getting unreadable and incomplete paperwork back to the office provides constant and unwelcome challenges for office admin staff who have to spend time chasing down the culprits before being able to finish processing incoming information.

Here's a few more:

  1. Difficult to distinguish pass/fail yes/no type questions at a glance
  2. Characters and digits are often mistaken for others
  3. Forms are often delivered with key information missing e.g. signatures, dates, quantities,
  4. Forms are damaged, stained and unreadable

So how can we prevent these common problems?

The simple answer is mobile forms.

Here's how we helped one of our customers overcome their issues.


Example of replacing an old fashioned vehicle checksheet

A comprehensive and customisable range of field types means that mobile forms can quickly replicate and improve existing paper-based forms.

An easy-to-use interface and simple layout gives drivers the confidence to use the pro-Forms® app with minimal training and support. Once the checksheet has been submitted from the app to the system it produces a clear, readable document that can include company branding and a layout to match what Customers and Clients are used to receiving.

Easy to use mobile app

Readable, branded document

The added bonus - a picture paints 1,000 words

Drivers can quickly upload annotated images and comments for any defects they come across. All images are stored against the form but can be automatically sent to a transport manager for review where defects have been encountered.

Anotated images


Join other businesses and start getting readable forms back to your office in no time.

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