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New OneDrive connector for use with Smart Job management

Kayleigh News 09/10/2018  

New OneDrive integration for use with
Smart Job Management

As part of our family of connectors , we're proud to now include OneDrive integration


"As part of our regular consultations we understood that a huge number of our Customers use Microsoft Office 365 and as such are uploading , storing and sharing data in OneDrive." says Jon Crofts, Managing Director, ResourceTrack UK Ltd (pro-Forms®)

"The more time we spent with each customer, the more we understood how fundamental their cloud-sharing platform was to them. Working between sites and locations meant data needed to seamlessly arrive at the right shared folder with the minimum of effort and technical intervention. We looked at this issue and started to plan out how we could automatically feed pro-Forms® form submissions into their OneDrive account. folder structure"


The latest data to hand

Over the years, the uptake of the pro-Forms® mobile app has grown significantly. More and more organisations are using mobile devices and tablets to collect data as a means of becoming more efficient. However, the issue of admin time to manually upload data onto OneDrive for key stakeholders still needed to be overcome.

Our new connector removes the need for any human-processing as pro-Forms® seamlessly uploads all form submissions and data into a specified OneDrive folder.

To add even more usefulness for our Users, we went a little further.

Auto-creating a new folder path from data within your forms


To keep your forms and images organised, our OneDrive integration set-up allows Users to build and create a folder path based on data entered within the form.

Simply by specify a route path, Users will no longer have to manually download, upload or move their forms and images. Here's an example:

Customer >> Site >> Project

Often, forms are misplaced and unorganised making it difficult and sometimes impossible to invoice for work or have a copy of the data for future reference. With this feature, our Users can rest assured that every form submitted will be organised into a new or existing folder.

Appending data to an existing file

Users can now specify any data from a form to append to an existing CSV file in their OneDrive account.

Let's say you are a School Inspector. You visit a school and towards the end of the inspection you begin to write a summary using the pro-Forms® mobile app. When you submit that data, pro-Forms® will append the summary notes to the respective school on your master School Inspection CSV file.

In the image below, our School Inspector visited Cannon Hill High School. The data that the inspector submitted in the 'Summary' field has been appended onto the existing spreadsheet. Without having to retype or upload any files, pro-Forms® has successfully matched the summary with the school, in real-time.


This process can however be applied to a range of activities such as Employee Reviews, Vehicle Damage Report or Building Inspections.

We're happy to advise and guide any of our existing and new Users on how best to use this exciting feature, just get in touch.