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Using mobile form data as a business heath indicator

Kayleigh Technology 08/11/2018  

Mobile form data is increasingly the lifeblood of field service organisations

& provides a good indicator of the health of your business

Can you easily access up to date  information on your key operational activities?

Do you know how much admin time is spent collecting, collating & moving data around your business?

Do your field workers capture the information you really need & how quickly is it available to office staff ?

Can't answer these questions?

These are the sorts of questions we ask new customers to help to identify where data could be used to improve key areas of their daily operations.

Here at pro-Forms®, we LOVE data! We've been working with businesses to collect and analyse their data so they can improve and grow their business. Our holistic approach to data collection means you can gain insight on any part of your business. From H&S and fleet management to employee and customer satisfaction, there's no limit to what you can capture data on!

But how?

Mobile and web forms relieve the pressure for organisations to manually collect, process and analyse data. Once you've built your form, you need to decide how and where to distribute it. Then, wait for the responses to flood in and you can start to spot where your inefficiencies and under-performing areas lie. To make it easy for you, we've narrowed our top choices to get you thinking more about how you could use data to improve your business.


If you're thinking about deploying a data collection system, speak to us. We've worked with organisations of all sizes, from all sectors to identify and improve key areas of operations. We'd be happy to answer any queries you may have!