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Competitive advantage using mobile forms for retail solution experts

Jon Customers 05/12/2018  

Competitive advantage using mobile forms for

nationwide retail solution experts

RM7 specialises in fitting in-store interactive display units with a particular focus on audio and electronics.

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Duncan Freeman, Director of RM7, approached pro-Forms® as they were struggling with the sheer volume of paper forms that needed completing & returning by their field workers after each store visit. From the likes of Halfords and Currys to Apple, EE and Pioneer, Duncan's team have a short window of 1-2 weeks to install display units in hundreds of stores across the UK.

Crucially, he also needed a mechanism where field technicians could attach images to forms before and after installations as proof of completion and quality assurance.

Converting paper sheets to mobile forms

The team at pro-Forms® introduced Duncan and his field worker technicians to the pro-Forms® mobile app for them to complete their own custom mobile-friendly forms, purpose built for each installation contract.

All forms followed a generic template that included RM7 branding, key project details with multiple fields for images together with signatures from the in-store manager.

With up to 500 stores for every contract, handling the paperwork was previously a huge time burden for the technicians. Under the new process, all forms are sent straight from the app on their iPhones and automatically converted into Word docx or PDF file formats by the  pro-Forms® system and sent to Duncan and the Project Manager.
Custom mobile forms can be built for any purpose and rolled out to field workers with ease using the pro-Forms® mobile app.

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Photos tell a thousand words

Up to 14 images can be sent per installation across a 500 store fit out programme, meaning Duncan previously had a mammoth task managing all his data at the end of each working day.

Now, using his pro-Forms® Work Group, he can use advanced search features to locate images and forms for specific store locations easily & quickly and then share with colleagues in seconds, saving him hours of calls catching up with his team.

And of course, the real bonus is that clients can also be given secure access to the RM7 Work Group to view images and store completion progress - a real win for customer satisfaction!

Quick turnaround projects

The pro-Forms® system is extremely well suited to quick turnaround time scales for building custom mobile forms, thanks to a drag & drop interface - an ideal solution for RM7 when they are given tight lead-in times having won a new contract. Duncan's technicians are now well equipped with their custom forms ahead of the start date giving them time to familiarise themselves with the requirements of each project.

Duncan and the Store Managers have peace of mind as they can see in real-time that every store has been visited and a valid signature and GPS location attached to each form.

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