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Better job management and same day invoicing for Pendle Forklifts

Kayleigh Customer 16/11/2018  

Better job management and same day invoicing for Pendle Forklifts

Pendle Forklift Services is the number one provider of handling equipment in Lancashire. The fast-growing, family-run business use their specialist knowledge and 30 years of industry experience to deliver a high quality, diverse range of forklifts including spares, repairs and training. With a passion to over exceed customer expectations and improve their service, they turned to pro-Forms®.


Connecting Pendle's Sage50 database with the revolutionary pro-Connector® eliminated input errors. Whether it be customer or vehicle information, engineers spent more time on the task in hand with this innovative solution. Office and field staff had now streamlined their communication flow with automatic job updates. Not only this but Pendle have seen a huge reduction in time spent invoicing customers. This has led to a significantly more efficient and productive workforce.

"Being able to issue jobs to our engineers' tablets directly using Sage 50 data and to raise invoices the same day is simply fantastic"

Key Benefits

  • Instant communication between office and field staff
  • Improved cash flow
  • Integration with Sage50 eliminated input errors
  • Streamlined workflow process of sending jobs to engineers
  • Invoices automatically raised from completed job sheets

If your business is looking for a way to relieve employees of the burden of paperwork, speak to one of our experts today on 0845 094 1615 or sign up and trial pro-Forms for yourself today!