Kayleigh Customer 01/03/2019  

BSG re-deploys 2 admin staff thanks to mobile forms

The Building Safety Group (BSG), the UK's largest construction safety group rely on their safety advisers capturing high quality data including images and signatures at each site and workshop visit. Office staff handled up to 35,000 audits and assessments each year and the company had a huge financial weight on postage and administration. With 50 years of experience, BSG were seeking innovative methods of data collection without disrupting the quality.


pro-Forms® built an easy to use custom mobile site audit form with highly visual output for the BSG Safety Advisers to use with their Android smartphones when visiting Member sites. Within only a few minutes office staff now receive each audit into the main office management system for checking and onward emailing to Members. This new and efficient process reduced BSG staff admin time previously used to handle paper audits and re-type the data. Member companies likewise benefit through receiving up to date information on their sites the same day of the audit.

Key Benefits

  • 100,000 documents eliminated and replaced with electronic forms
  • 2 full-time staff positions redeployed with a focus on revenue generation
  • 3,500 admin hours have been utilised elsewhere
  • Revolutionised the work process from office, to field to Member

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