Jon Accounting 11/02/2019  

Putting Sage 50cloud Accounts to work
for your field service teams

Ready for the switch to cloud accounting? Not yet? You'd better read on then.

Well, the truth is you probably won't have any choice when wanting to upgrade your existing Sage 50 Accounts desktop version - but don't despair, there may actually be more benefits than you realise. Let us explain.

The benefits you may not be aware of

The good people at Sage have been edging their way for sometime towards using 'cloud' technologies within their flagship SME accounting product - after all, some 400,000 companies are using Sage50 Accounts - so they have to have compelling reasons for users to upgrade versions.

The impending 1st April 2019 HMRC deadline for Making Tax Digital (MTD) is one good reason and one that no business can really afford to ignore. Upgrading to the new Sage 50cloud Accounts will not only move you into cloud technologies but also take care of HMRC and GDPR  compliance.


So there's 2 good reasons to upgrade. 

And here's another 2 : integration with Microsoft Office 365 and in-depth stock management. Both very useful additions to this new version and we are sure when utilised correctly can help with efficiency and productivity for many businesses engaged in field service activities.

OK, so how does all this fit with pro-Forms®  and field service management?

Very neatly actually and here's why :

1. pro-Forms®  is also integrated with Office 365 so ensuring compatibility for businesses between systems and a common file storage method.
2. Using our pro-Connector® app businesses can simply keep all Customer, sites and product stock information in sync and up to date between Sage 50cloud Accounts and  pro-Forms®  for field service management purposes.
3. Businesses can save vast amounts of staff admin hours thanks to pro-Forms®  automatically raising Quotes, product sales Orders and invoices directly in Sage 50cloud Accounts for them.

So as we can see, you may not be thinking of moving to cloud-based Sage accounting just for the sake of cloud technologies but there are most certainly a number of very compelling reasons for companies with a field service team as well as those who wish to use our mobile app for offering customers a means to order from a catalogue of products.

If you are thinking about moving to Sage 50cloud Accounts or already have done so, why not contact us today and see how you can increase the value your business gains from the upgrade?

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