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pro-Assets : Smart asset management

Jon Crofts Asset Management 29/08/2019  

Convenient, secure and powerful
hosted Asset Management software

Smart asset management & tracking software

Not making the best use of your company's assets?

Well here's why you should...

No matter what industry or market sector you operate in, maximising asset value & life span is a vital component in business strategy.

Studies have shown that UK businesses are wasting £17bn a year through not looking after their assets properly - or put another way - roughly 50% of what the Chancellor collects in Corporation Tax!

Amazingly it is also very common that when companies do eventually take an asset inventory they discover 2x the number of assets they thought they had.

There has to be a solution, right?

Yes, there certainly is and it's our new cost effective, hosted asset management system :

pro-Assets® offers a fresh, innovative and convenient approach to asset management across multiple industries, sectors and asset types.

Smart asset management and tracking software

  Convenient, secure hosted asset management system
  Configurable for all asset types, covering multiple industries and sectors
  Flexible monthly subscriptions to suit business needs and asset volumes
  mobile app, barcode scanning, custom reporting and highly flexible

Interested in making more from your asset investments?

If so, then why not try our 21-day, no commitment Trial - completely free, no strings attached and fully functional!

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