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Managing assets in the Construction Industry

Jon Crofts Construction Asset management 03/09/2019  

Maximising the value and use of plant and equipment assets in the Construction Industry

There's no getting away from the plain and simple fact.

Plant and equipment represent one of the biggest costs borne by building contractors.

And yet strangely, all too often in the unfortunate event of a construction company falling into administration, a lack of cost control is cited as a major contributing factor.

In the current economic climate, the need to maximise the value and usage of construction assets including plant and equipment has never been greater.

Getting smart with your assets

The good news is that it is pretty easy and inexpensive to start being smart at managing site-based assets including portable tools, plant and equipment and fleet items ;

Using an online asset tracking and management system such as has many advantages including :

Smart asset management and tracking
  • instant account set-up and asset/ inventory import
  • highly customisable for different asset types
  • cost effective and flexible monthly subscriptions
  • asset management by both desk and mobile device
  • easy team access and information sharing

How can maximum asset value and usage be achieved?

A major stumbling block for contractors in being able to sweat their assets to the maximum lies simply in tracking exactly where assets are across live sites and depots along with their usable state. Collecting and sharing these two vital pieces of information between staff can help increase asset usage, reduce labour downtime and ensure projects stay on programme.

pro-Assets® helps contractors and sub-contractors be productive in many simple but very effective ways :

  • Ensure all tools and equipment have up to date safety checks and valid certificates of compliance.
  • Easy to conduct on-site/ depot audits and checks to prevent loss and theft.
  • Site-based staff can use the free mobile app to check items in and out between locations.
  • Rental items can be easily monitored to prevent on-hire overruns.

Go mobile and capture up to date information across sites

Manage assets on-site by mobile app

Providing site-based staff such as Contracts Managers and Site Agents with the free pro-Assets® mobile app ensure real-time asset reporting as situations on-site change such equipment breakdowns, end of the need for on-hire equipment and check-outs as items are moved to alternative locations.

Want to make more from your construction assets?

If so, then why not try our 21-day, no commitment Trial - completely free, no strings attached and fully functional!