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UK hosted, GDPR compliant form building solution

Jon Crofts Hosting 12/11/2020  

UK hosted, GDPR compliant
form building solution

We know from the shear number of calls we get, just how important it is for UK companies to have the peace of mind of knowing where the data they collect is actually stored and handled under GDPR requirements.

Our longstanding partnership with UKFast in Manchester helps us give companies using our form building solution that very peace of mind - and an awful lot more too.

UKFast hosting Manchester

Companies also tell us how much they value being able to get instant advice and answers from a UK based product support team - which we'd like to think is backed up by our 5 star ratings on Google Reviews.


Giving you control & meeting compliance

Our form building solution has been built to put our customers in control over what data they collect, how they collect it and more importantly what happens to the data once it has been collected.

A full suite of GDPR tools lets you decide how long captured data stays on the pro-Forms® servers before being deleted so you can ensure compliance with your company policies. Our tools even let you store data collected from each form for different durations according to the purpose and legality of the data collected.

We guarantee full UK data sovereignty, with data you have collected never leaving the UK even for backups and storage. Discussions with customers old and new revealed that simply knowing that the form data they collected would always stay within the legal boundaries of the UK was a major factor in deciding what form building system they would choose.

Often we are told it not just a company's own policies that need to be covered by our form building solution but those of their Clients and customers too which is why we have added the range of flexible GDPR tools directly into our Customers' Work Group management area.

A form hosting solution you can trust

We like to think we have got all the boxes ticked for companies looking to choose a UK based form building solution with the added benefits of :

- dedicated UK based product support team
- guaranteed UK data sovereignty
- full suite of GDPR tools

So, whether you use a form building solution already or just setting out in trying to find something that meets your needs here's some of the questions we get asked every week along with our answers we give :

Where's my data stored?

- on our servers at UKFast in their highly monitored and secure data centers in Manchester.
- daily encrypted backups securely stored in separate locations in the Midlands.

Is my data secure?

- Yes. UKFast data centers are government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure & managed by security cleared personnel.
- Our hosting complies with ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 PCI standards.

Where is your support team - in the UK?

- Yes. Our offices are in Birmingham not far from M5 J2, Birmingham City centre and in the leafy suburbs of Harborne.
- We are available 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday by phone, MS Teams, online chat support and email.
- Our standards of support are high and we strive to provide efficient answers and advice.
- Our Google reviews are 5 stars and we work hard to keep it that way.

Looking for a trusted UK hosted form building solution?

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