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Protega Global makes retail ordering easy

Marketing Online Forms 16/02/2021  

Online forms for Protega Global

Retail product ordering using QR codes & Online forms

Requiring an easy to use product ordering solution for a major high street retailing Customer, Protega Global, the sustainable packaging materials company, turned to pro-Forms® for a solution.

Using our Online forms product and working closely with Orella and the team at Protega, we were able to produce an intelligent, fully branded online ordering form in a very short time from receiving the brief so that Protega could demonstrate it to its customer.

The key requirements for the online form included :

  • the form would open and function in a browser on tablet, phone, PC or laptop
  • it would be co-branded between Protega and the Customer
  • staff in each of the retail outlets could scan a QR code to open the form
  • changes to products, unit pricing and pack sizes could be made as frequently as required
  • orders in XML format could be sent directly to Protega's ERP system

What happened next?

From making the decision to use an Online form, the process through to making the form live was extremely straightforward and relied only on standard out-of-the-box pro-Forms® features requiring no programming or technical expertise.

Protega saw this as a major attraction when selecting the solution as the team wished to avoid unnecessary technical complexity, software coding and the the reliance on a 3rd party IT supplier. Having easy to use form building features such as on-screen drag & drop form field creation, layout styling and form branding gave Protega the control over the final look and feel and customer experience when placing orders.

Once the first version of the form was ready the unique link and QR code automatically generated by pro-Forms® and used to load the form were given to the Customer to test and give feedback. The requested changes were able to be made quickly and easily thanks to the design of the user interface meaning the turn around time for Protega was minimised.

Once the design and functionality of the form were finalised staff in each store location were provided with the QR code to scan using a mobile device as well as the unique form link as a back up. 24 hours later orders started being placed using the form with the automated events set in pro-Forms® working seamlessly to send the orders directly to the team at Protega as well as a PDF confirmation and order copy to each store by email.

Within a short space of time up to 700 orders a month were being placed, processed and shipped.

The benefits & outcomes

Using the ease and convenience of a QR code to load the form helped Protega make the cumstomer experience straightforward and simple for the end user in each store. Using the camera on a standard smartphone to scan the code made the form accessible to virtually all store based staff without the need for any additional hardware to place orders.

The pro-Forms® screen layout design tool made the presentation of the catalogue of 20 products along with product reference, description and order quantity easy to follow and undertand so avoiding any incorrectly placed product orders. Likewise, removing an admin task through automating the emailing of an order confirmation note helped save Protega time whilst adding to customer service levels.

Using the built-in calculation feature of the system provided instant onscreen feeback to store staff placing orders regarding individual prouduct sub-total values, delivery costs and overall order total, all helping to remove the possibility manual arithmetical errors.

"Working with the team at pro-Forms® has been a pleasure. They helped produce a form that works perfectly for us, constantly providing advice and guidance. They always make themselves available for any questions or favours you ask, and always find a solution."
Orella Diffey, Project Coordinator, Protega.


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