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pro-Forms in the Construction Industry

Marketing Construction Industry 20/04/2021  

pro-Forms® in the Construction Supply Chain

Helping main contractors, sub-contractors, to SHEQ consultants and specialist suppliers

pro-Forms® has a earned a track record for helping companies become efficient throughout the Construction Industry supply chain - from main contractors and sub-contractors, to SHEQ consultants and specialist suppliers. With a strong no-nonesense reputation for getting site-based information back to head and regional office admin staff quickly and reliably, the system offers a simple, cost effective and flexible way for companies to easily add efficiencies to the way they work.

The system provides 3 main options :

  • Custom mobile forms - in an app running on Android or iOS devices
  • Job Management - planning, scheduling & dispatch to on-site staff
  • Asset Management - for all plant, tools, machinery & equipment

Go Plant Fleet Services
Sabre Hydro Demolition
The Building Safety Group
Harlestone Group

Custom Mobile Forms

Replace paper forms with electronic digital forms

An easy way to improve the efficiency of your business is to replace your existing paper-based forms with electronic digital forms using the pro-Forms® mobile app for Android or iOS.

Any type of form can be built and implemented quickly and cost effectively with real benefits for your business. All your site staff require is a standard smartphone or tablet and the pro-Forms® app.

Completed forms arrive back from site in seconds and can contain images, annotations, signataures, GPS location and all the traditional form answers you need.

Managing plant, equipment & tools in the Construction Industry

What types of forms do companies use?

Our Construction Industry customers use forms that fall into 3 types :

  • Job related - variations, job sheets, Proof of Delivery (PoD), installation/ service/ maintenance sheets, delivery & collection, material requistions.
  • SHEQ - risk assessments & checklists, snagging, toolbox talks, daily safe starts.
  • HR/admin - right to work, timesheets, holiday requests, vehicle checks, company policy acceptance.
How will this benefit my business?

You will directly benefit in many ways right from when you roll the forms out :

  • invoice sooner - get accurate & complete information back to admin staff for invoicing the same day as job completions.
  • reduce disputes - with suppliers & customers by always having accurate and up to date information.
  • cut costs - reduce the need for re-visits, reduce stationery purchases, eliminate re-typing of information along with copying, postage & scanning.
  • minimise admin time - free up more unproductive admin staff time by not chasing missing information.

Smart Job Management

Maximise efficiency when planning, scheduling & dispatching jobs

Help your admin staff improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your site-based staff by using the pro-Forms® Job Management module.

No matter whether you do one-off jobs, repeat cyclical visits or planned maintenance our Job Management module has the tools to give you control you'll need over clients/ customers, sites, job types and visits.

Managing plant, equipment & tools in the Construction Industry

How will this benefit my business?

You will benefit from :

  • allocate more jobs - to your site staff through improved planning.
  • re-allocate workload - between staff during the day as situations change to maximise the number of completed jobs.
  • greater productivity - through less interruptions by admin staff during jobs.
  • higher percentage - of first time visit job completions by making all relevant information available to field staff via the mobile app e.g. wiring diagrams, site plans, key codes.
  • real-time visibility - of staff locations and job completions throughout the day.

Smart Asset Management

Manage your plant, equipment & tools

Maximising the availability and usage of your site-based assets is vital for all companies in the construction supply chain. From knowing where your assets are to making sure they arrive and depart site on time in a usable and compliant condition are key to this.

Our system will help you stay health & safety compliant, avoid project delays through equipment not arriving on site when required and ensure eliminate wasted time looking for the tools they need.

Managing plant, equipment & tools in the Construction Supply Chain

Typical applications

You will benefit from :

  • increase equipment availability & usage - only working and compliant/ checked equipment can be selected for use.
  • improve usable lifespans - implement & manage regular maintenance schedules to enhance lifespans and warranties.
  • allocate to sites and projects - allocate equipment and plant to projects and sites and schedule deliveries and collections.
  • view full history - of assets including last used by & condition checks, movements between sites and projects.
  • map locations - so staff immediately know where items are and can retrieve them with minimal wated time.


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