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New Quote Generation

Marketing Commercial 04/03/2022  

New - Quote generation & management tool

Helping you secure a pipeline of work for your business

Any of this sound all too familar?

  • Struggling to find time to chase Quotes up with Customers.
  • Printed Quotes put in files and not followed up.
  • Not knowing how many Quotes have been issued in a period.
  • No idea what percentage have been accepted or rejected.

Delivering a pipeline of new work

Well, now thanks to our new tool you will be organised, proactive and delivering a pipeline of work in a manageable and coordinated manner.

Not only will you have taken control of the Quoting process but you will also have instant insight as to whether your conversion rate is low and the reasons behind it.

Designed to be flexible enough to give the freedom to tailor Quotes for specific situations and Customers but also sufficiently intelligent to remind and nudge you to keep on top of things in a timely manner.

Simplifying the Quoting process

Making life easier for you and your Customers

Studies have shown that it is approximately 4x cheaper to sell to existing Customers than it is to find and sell to new Customers. So taking this same principle it must also be considerably cheaper to win new and additional work from existing Customers through the quoting process than looking to acquire new Customers.

Yet strangley many companies we speak to regarding quoting for additional works say 'it's something we eventually get round to' or 'we often forget to chase quotes up' and 'it tends to be a bit haphazzard'.

With all this in mind, our Quote generation & management tool delivers an easy, quick and organised way of issuing professional, tailored Quotes to Customers backed by a range of features to help you stay focused on the tasks that matter most.

Helping you focus on securing work

Focusing on the important

  • Instant view of Quote statuses
  • Directly email to Customers
  • Easy accept/ reject option
  • Brand & personalise
  • Set and manage expiry dates
  • One click conversion of Quote to a job
  • Integration with inventory feature
  • Full audit trail of changes

Become organised and proactive with minimal effort

Time is precious and in limited supply for all of us.

Our Quote tool helps you maximise the outcomes of the time you have available by automating routine admin tasks, providing you with instant visibility of what is happening and where your efforts should be concentrated.

And best of all - it's a free tool included in your pro-Forms® monthly subscription.


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