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The Big Issue celebrates 2 years of mobile

Kayleigh News 29/05/2018  

The Big Issue celebrate 2 years of mobile & online forms success

The award-winning non-for-profit organisation is now into its second year of using pro-Forms®  for recording its daily Health & Safety and logistics activities.

The Big Issue has successfully rolled out both Web and Mobile forms to their workforce. The vision to eradicate paper-based forms across the organisation was put forward by John Montague, Managing Director of The Big Issue.


The 'big' issue

Getting paperwork back to the office, having to then process and transfer data between systems was slow and inefficient. The Big Issue wanted a system that could automate the processing and storage of data whilst replicating their existing paper-based forms.

Form by form, TBI quickly set up and rolled out their new system company-wide. Each form was identical to their current forms giving users a smoother transition. The workflows and reports were also built to mirror their existing manual process.

The only difference? Everything is now automated.

Daily Mileage Tracker and Vehicle Checks

At the end of each day, a driver logs in to the app, enters their mileage and hits submit. All the data is automatically collated into a powerful report that can be accessed by management staff. A weekly mileage report is produced for each driver that enables senior staff to know exactly how much allowance a driver is due without the need to calculate or process the data manually.

Premises Health & Safety and Compliance reporting

Implemented across their regional offices, all H&S checks and compliance tests are now documented using web-based forms and sent to our cloud-based system.

Forms include:

  • Accident Report
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Fire Evacuation Drill
  • First Aid Certificates
  • Manual Handling
  • Site Visits

Equipped with a catalogue of forms, staff can quickly and easily log data to a central system which compiles the data into weekly and monthly reports for senior H&S management to monitor. Outstanding data and H&S breaches are automatically alerted to senior staff for further attention.


John Montague, Managing Director

"The Big Issue has seen great changes since using the pro-Forms® system. The aim was to drive forward business improvements across Health & Safety, Drivers and Sales through instant and paperless data collection. As we operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales, it was important for us to find a flexible and scalable solution that could meet our demands. As a result, pro-Forms has enabled us to monitor real-time data from around the country whilst dramatically saving staff time. All in all, this information is vital in supporting our staff, our vendors and our compliancy obligations."

The results:

TBI now operates more efficiently in terms of collecting and collating data from all over the country whether that be office-based staff or employees continuously on-the-move. Staff now have instant access to data without the need to wade through paperwork, and, as all their data is securely stored in the cloud, staff from any location can access, export and report on data in a moments notice.

With plans to implement pro-Forms® into investees business strategies and record sales data, there's an exciting future ahead for the award-winning, non-for-profit organisation.